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  1. EDITING TOURS: How to add or remove photos from a tour
  2. EDITING TOURS: How to change the sequence of the tour photos
  3. EDITING TOURS: My slides move too fast (or slow) so I want to adjust the timing.
  4. CUSTOMIZATION: How to customize the appearance of my inventory list
  5. CUSTOMIZATION: How to Add a Banner to the Tour Viewer
  6. CUSTOMIZATION: How to Add or Change Your Agent Photo or API
  7. CUSTOMIZATION: Agent Promo Image (image or logo) is distorted
  8. Online tours are not playing music
  9. EDITING TOURS: How can I re-record the voice of an online tour?
  10. Voice is playing back at 1/2 speed online. (PhotoShare 3.0 only)
  11. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Change your name, email address, etc. on your VisualTour account
  12. EDITING TOURS: Changing the title of an online tour
  13. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: How do I view, print or email my tour view report?
  14. Where is the TourMedia File when I upload a tour?
  15. Can I retrieve a tour once it has been deleted?
  16. How do I delete an online tour?
  17. My Online Tour Says "No Photos"
  18. Banner Misssing
  19. Why Do Some Photos Scroll In The Newer Viewer When They Did Not In The Older Viewer?
  20. What To Do When You Cannot View A Tour
  21. How to Include a Tour in a PowerPoint Presentation
  22. Choosing a Thumbnail Representation for Videos on YouTube®