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  1. Error 482: Unable to Cancel Print Job
  2. Error 62
  3. Error 5: Record Already Exists
  4. Error 4: Record Does Not Exist
  5. File Access Error
  6. Error 20: Record Manager Inactive
  7. Unexpected Error-Active X Component Can't Create Object
  8. "No Floppy Drive Detected" Error Message When Making Tours on Disks
  9. Out of Memory Error (PhotoVista Stitching Software)
  10. Out of Memory Error (VisualTour Software)
  11. General Protection Faults (GPF)
  12. "A MAPI Compliant Messaging System Must Be Installed" Error Message at Startup
  13. Launch Error: Application Not Found
  14. Class Does Not Support Automation or Does Not Support Expected Interface
  15. Unable to Create Lock File: c:\program files\vtour\trflic.lck
  16. OLE Automation Error or Error (429)
  17. Error 2 - I/O Error
  18. DISTRIBUTION parameters missing(3005)
  19. Invalid Font Error - Font 'Arial' doesn't support style 'Regular'
  20. LOADING TOUR... Message Repeats Instead of Actually Loading the Tour
  21. "NO PHOTOS" Instead Of A Picture When A Tour Has Been Uploaded
  22. Software Validation Error...... When Starting The VisualTour Software
  23. Invalid WAV File Format Error - Refers to exporting voice and 16 bit format supported
  24. Cannot convert to SWF: SWFScout Error