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Old 10-11-2005, 01:39 PM
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Default Linking (using non pop up links) to Sites When RETURN button Is Not Visible

When non pop up links include shownp.asp as part of the link, the window that comes up should have a return button at the bottom. Some sites, such as, open a tour window that is not large enough to fit both the tour and the RETURN button. If you are linking to a site that opens a window that is too small (and not resizable) you can always make room for the RETURN button by using the smaller tour viewer in that one link.

Instead of using a link like this one (other than the tour number at the end, of course):

You would instead use:

Of course, if you are using unbranded links, you would change from:


The point is to add &ss=0 to the end of the link to specify that you want the tour to be displayed in a smaller viewer.

This same trick can be used with any link that brings up a tour which is unable to fit in the window that opens. Of course, if you are the person who programmed the window size, perhaps as part of the link you added, then you can just change the size in your link. The smaller viewer measures 525x440 pixels, while the regular viewer measures 572x522 pixels. Here is an example of a link that specifies the size (as part of a pop up window link), which we'll highlight in red so it is easier to see.

<a href="#" onclick="''+document.location.hostname,'VisualTour', 'width=572,height=525,left=114,top=37'); return false;" onMouseOver="self.status='View A Visual Tour'; return true;" onMouseOut="self.status='';"><img src='' border='0'></a>

Many questions about linking to specific sites are right here on the VisualTour forum, so use the SEARCH feature at the top to look. If you don't see it or just need a helping hand, you can always open the VisualTour software and from the HELP menu, choose "Contact Technical Support" to get the appropriate phone number to call.

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