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Old 06-25-2006, 09:19 AM
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Default Version 5.1 Released May 8th!

We are pleased to announce that the all new VisualTour® Online Viewer and the new VisualTour 5.1 Client Software are being released today, May 8th. As always, this is a free update for our VisualTour customers!

Click here
to learn about the new VisualTour Viewer features and to view a sample tour using the new viewer.

Click here to to learn about the new changes to your VisualTour Client Software and learn how to update your system.


Here are some of the changes to the new viewer:
  • Background music - selectable by the person viewing the tour!
  • Voice on EVERY scene
  • Volume controls for voice and music
  • Much higher quality voice than the previous version
  • New design avoids popup blocker, Java and Javascript issues
  • Viewer now scales automatically to match the user's screen resolution

  • Normal scenes are 96% larger
  • Large View is 350% larger
  • Gallery View (shown on left)
  • Property details
  • Map (normal and aerial views)
  • Flyer viewing and printing
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Vertical panoramic scenes
  • Transition effects between scenes
  • Agent information is shown on the viewer at all times

Here is a summary of the changes to the new VisualTour 5.1 client software:

  • The offline viewer now looks like the online viewer including your branding
  • You can now select individual scenes to be excluded from unbranded tours
  • Stitches vertical as well as horizontal scenes
  • Allows you to choose the types of transitions between scenes
  • Includes music for your offline tours
  • Offline viewer includes many of the features listed above for the online viewer

If you have any questions regarding the new viewer or the new client software, please refer to the"Version 5.1 Questions and Answers" web page.

If your question is not answered there, please call our technical support department at 800-873-0700 between 9am and 8pm ET.


The VisualTour Support Team

VisualTour - Not Your Ordinary Virtual Tour!

Steve Jarrell

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