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Old 11-14-2007, 08:01 AM
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Default New Filters Feature Automates Which Tours Are Seen on Inventory Lists

A new feature has been added to all VisualTour accounts so that users can set up as many as five different inventory lists. For example, you can have a list that contains only your high end luxury properties (or your budget priced properties). You can create a separate list that contains only properties that are in a certain city. Another list might contain only your rental properties or only condos. Each list will get its own unique link that you can place on a web site or email to buyers. When people are viewing your tours, they can click CONTACT then MY INVENTORY to see the different lists you have created.

Here are some sample steps to set up a filter that shows only your active properties. These same steps can be applied to create all kinds of different possibilities.
  1. Log into your account at

  2. From the My Account page, click Inventory List Layout.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and next to Filters, click ADD

  4. Type in a name for your filter, perhaps something like View My Active Tours.

  5. In the Status area, check the box for Active.

  6. For this example, we are not specifying other criteria, so click Save toward the upper right.

  7. Your filter list now includes a filter called View My Active Tours.
Some additional notes.
  • If you define more than one filter, links for each one will appear on the page of links seen when you click the LINK button next to your tour on the My Tours page.

  • If you define more than one filter, then you will be able to specify which one is your default filter. That one will be used whenever someone views your inventory from a simple link (no filter specified) that looks like:
    (where XXXXXX is your account number)

  • If you define more than one filter, people will see a list of them when they are viewing a tour and click CONTACT then the My Inventory option. You can decide which inventory options are seen by checking and unchecking boxes on the Viewer Layout screen.
Although simple to use, the feature is powerful with more possibilities than mentioned above (not just filtering, but also sorting), so feel free to call VisualTour's support staff with questions.

TIP! Did you create a tour that you do not want people to see as part of your inventory? Perhaps you went to a wedding and made a tour for those who could not attend? You can use the new filters feature to block that tour from appearing on your list of tours. Log into your account at, and from the My Account page, click My Tours. Click the INFO button next to the tour you want left off the lists. Scroll down to the area for the three user fields, which will have a zero by default. Change user field one from a value of zero to a value of one, and save the change.

Now, each time you define a filter, make sure you specify that user field one should be ZERO. For the occasional tour that does not belong on the list, the value will have been set to one, so it will not appear. You can still email a link to that tour to anyone you want so that person can view the tour. The filter just keeps your private memories private.
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