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Old 01-07-2008, 10:00 AM
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Default Invalid WAV File Format Error - Refers to exporting voice and 16 bit format supported

Voice Encoder - Invalid WAV File Format. Unable to export voice. Only 16 bit or higher formats are supported.

When trying to preview or upload a tour, some users see an error associated with the voice narration. The error looks similar to the following.

There are two possibilities.

If you recorded your narration in the VisualTour Studio software:
The first, and more common, is that the file responsible for converting the narration into a web compatible format is not working. You can locate the LAME_ENC.DLL file in your VTStudio folder, rename it, and run the VTUPDATE.EXE file (also in the VTStudio folder) but rather than go through all those steps, we have automated the process for you. Just run the following file.

If you recorded your voice narration in some other software:
If you did you recording in some alternate software and then imported it into the VisualTour Studio software, it is possible that rather than the conversion failing, the problem is that the sound file was recorded in a format that VisualTour cannot convert. Go back to your recording software and save the voice files as a nice standard 16 bit WAV files with PCM encoding.
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