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Old 09-27-2001, 01:44 PM
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Default Error 20: Record Manager Inactive

When attempting to launch the VisualTour software, a user may get an error that says "Record Manager Inactive, Error #20" followed by an error saying "The database engine could not be initialized." VisualTour stores its photos using a Btrieve database, and this pair of errors is an indication that the software was unable to open the Btrieve engine, which manages the software's data files.

To Eliminate The Error:
Most of the time, the actual Btrieve database files are intact. There is just a problem with the BTI.INI file, which is the initialization file used by Btrieve. A typical BTI.INI file appears below.  Yours may differ slightly.  Open your BTI.INI file for comparison by clicking START-RUN-and typing BTI.INI and pressing Enter. If it fails to open, click START-FIND-FILES OR FOLDERS and allow Windows to locate it, then double click it.


[Btrieve Client]
options=/L:60 /F:60 /H:100 /T:15 /M:512 /U:0 /C /t:0

The error 20 is an indication that one of the following two changes must be made to the BTI.INI file.

1) Make sure the the directory referenced in the "trnfile=" line exists and is accessible.

2) If both the "local=" and "requester=" lines are set to "=no" then change the "local=" line to say "local=yes" and make sure "thunk=no."

Make whichever change is needed, then save and close the revised BTI.INI file. Restart Windows, and try running the VisualTour software again.
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