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Old 09-27-2001, 02:39 PM
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Default Out of Memory Error (VisualTour Software)

NOTE: This memo applies only to Out of Memory Errors in the VisualTour software. If you are seeing an Out of Memory error while stitching photos in PhotoVista (or when trying to launch PhotoVista), CLICK HERE to read an alternate memo.

Some people encounter an "Out of Memory" error while trying to view tours or immediately after creating a new tour. The ironic part is that it typically happens only to people who own high end computers with no shortage of memory.

Why does the error appear? The VisualTour software tries to reserve enough memory to handle as many photos as it can fit on the storyboard screen. Since that screen consists of small thumbnail sized copies of the photos, any computer with a high screen resolution will have space for more thumbnail images, so more memory is requested. As a result, the Out of Memory error is generated.

Fortunately, we can offer two different ways to put an end to the error. Both solutions are based upon the principle of making sure the software does not try to fit too many thumbnail images on the screen at a time. In order to ensure that the situation never occurs, you can either set your computer to a lower resolution, which provides less room for thumbnails, or you can set the thumbnail size to be larger, which means fewer will fit in the current space.  Both solutions work, so it is completely up to you which one you use.

Option 1: Lowering Screen Resolution

  1. Close the VisualTour software.

  2. Right click your Windows desktop, and choose Properties.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. Note the setting for screen area. It should have a sliding handle that moves left and right. Move it to the left until the size is no more than 1024x768.

  5. Click OK. Some computers will resize the screen immediately, while others will want to be restarted before resizing. Either way, using the smaller setting will make everything larger on screen, so the error message will disappear. If you find the new size uncomfortable, follow the same steps to change it back to its previous setting, and use the other option for eliminating the error.

Option 2: Increasing Thumbnail Size
  1. Close the VisualTour software.

  2. Open the VTOUR.INI file found in the \windows directory (or click START - Run, and type VTOUR.INI).

  3. Note how each section of the file consists of a word or two in square brackets followed by some other lines for settings in that section. To increase the size of the thumbnails, remove the semi colons from the beginning of the lines in the following section of the VTOUR.INI file.

    It should now say:

  4. Save the VTOUR.INI file and close it.

  5. Start the VisualTour software and make sure you are fixed. If not, edit the VTOUR.INI and increase the size of the thumbnails so that the width setting is 192 and the height is 126. Do not exceed these numbers or the thumbnails will be unclear. If you find it necessary to exceed these numbers, then instead use the first option to eliminate the error.

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