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Cool Crisper Tours

Competitors are using higher resolution photos to create a result that look more alive than our tours that are looking flat.

I realize there is a trade-off between high-res and speed, but some of the pictures are getting compressed so severely that they loose their visual impact. They are nearly grainy.

Perhaps some Realtors cannot see the difference, and even if they did, would prefer the speed. But my stats show more customers using big monitors and fast internet.

Please consider an option to create a higher resolution wide .jpg that displays brighter and crisper in the viewer. Time to keep up with the competitors.
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Old 11-25-2008, 12:56 PM
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Default Re: Crisper Tours

Thanks for the suggestion. We have added that exact feature into the new (FREE) update to VisualTour Studio version 6. To access the option to choose higher resolution photos, click the SETUP menu, and choose OPTIONS. The third tab allows you to select photo quality. To learn more about the new version 6 and how to acquire it for free, CLICK HERE to see the post in the What's New section.
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