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Old 10-08-2001, 08:50 AM
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Default Web Browser is not Launching To Upload Tours

When the VisualTour software tries to upload a tour, it sends out a call instructing Windows to open the default web browser and go to the upload page on the VisualTour website.  If Windows does not perform the request, the tour can sit in limbo.  Fortunately, VisualTour has a built in override feature that can launch your web browser (excluding Netscape version 6) in the event that Windows does not.  Here are the steps to activate it.
  1. Click the OPTIONS button at the top of the VisualTour screen.

  2. Click the Web tab.

  3. Click the option to change from "Use Default" to "Use Other."

  4. Click Browse, and show VisualTour where it can find your web browser so it can start it when needed.  If you are using Internet Explorer, you probably want to show it the location of the IEXPLORE.EXE file, which is often under c:\program files\internet explorer.  If you are using Netscape, there are many possibilities depending on the version.  Your best bet is to right click your Netscape icon, choose Properties, and look at the target line on the shortcut tab.  Remember, you cannot use Netscape 6 with this override feature.

  5. Once you have the web browser location identified, click OK.  The VisualTour software will now launch that web browser instead of asking Windows to do it.

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