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Old 10-08-2001, 10:25 AM
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Default Find Tour Button: Allow Buyers to Find Tours by Tour Number, Property ID, MLS Number

In addition to individually linking your tours to your personal or company website, you might also choose to add a "Find Tour" feature that allows visitors to your website to type in a tour number they saw advertised in print media or on a yard sign, and view tours solely by tour number.  If you have a company account at, you can use your own internal property ID or MLS number instead of the official tour number.  This memo will explain both how to use the regular Find Tour button, which works with all VisualTour accounts, as well as how to alter the code to make it work with your own internal property ID or MLS number if you have a company account.

This is a (disabled) sample of the Find Tour button.  If it were active, you could type in a tour number and that tour would be displayed.


Adding a Find Tour Button:
To place a regular Find Tour button on your website, you must have a website that allows you to type in your own HTML code, which some popular template-based sites do not allow. You must also be reasonably experienced at editing your website.
  1. Log into your account at, and click the "My Tours" link.

  2. Click the LINK button next to any tour.

  3. Click the option called "Place a VisualTour Find button on your website."

  4. Highlight and copy the HTML code.

  5. Paste the code into your website where you want the feature to appear (if you do not do your editing online, use a text editor like Windows Notepad or web editing software like Dreamweaver or Homesite, not a program like Microsoft FrontPage since FrontPage, a fine program in many respects, alters the code and makes it fail to work).

  6. Save the changes, and upload the new page if needed.

Using the Property ID or MLS Number:
If you have a company account on and wish to make the button work with your own Property ID number or the MLS number (both of which can be entered for every tour as it is uploaded), you must edit part of the HTML code.
  1. Follow the regular instructions to paste in the Find Tour button.

  2. Look for the following section in the code.''+ newTourID,'VirtualTour','width=572,height=525,left=139,top=80');

  3. In the middle, you see "t=" (without the quotes), which passes the tour number to our site.
    Just change it to: "BID=3156&MLS=" (again without the quotes and substituting your broker ID for 3156) to limit it to your brokerage and the specific MLS number, so it would say:''+ newTourID,'VirtualTour','width=572,height=525,left=139,top=80');

  4. If you prefer to use the Property ID instead of MLS,
    you can use "BID=3156&PID=" instead of "BID=3156&MLS="

IMPORTANT: Remember to change the Broker ID number in these samples from 3156 to your broker ID.  If you do not know your broker ID, log into your company account at, and click "My Profile."  The ID will be the Account Number at the top of the screen.
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