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Old 06-03-2009, 02:46 PM
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Default New Viewer Tools, Flyer Changes, Social Networking

The VisualTour Marketing System has just been enhanced with several great new features.

Custom Tools
The viewer now features the ability to add your own custom tools to the same menu as the Mortgage Calculator. To get you started, we have added tools to view the local weather, an aerial view, local school information, and local community information from the US Census Bureau. You can also add your own tools using links to sites you feel would interest your buyers, links to community tours, or even documents in DOC or PDF format. Tools can be added on an account level so they appear on all tours or you can add them to just a specific tour. Any of these tools can be disabled if you do not want them to appear.

Flyer Changes
The flyer now displays the open house date, a link to the tour, and an extra text field that you can customize to include any details that you would like to see included but not lost in the lengthier description field. Also new to the flyer is that if you upload your company logo to the new Flyer Layout page, that logo will be displayed on your flyer as well. Lastly, the Viewer Layout page now includes the option to alter the text of the disclaimer that is displayed on the flyer.

Submission to Social Networking Websites
The Share Tour feature of the viewer now includes the option to submit your tour to more than 10 popular social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Even better, get your buyers and sellers to use the feature to link the tour to their pages. They show off the house, and you get great publicity.

In addition to these new features, you will also notice that the emails you receive when tours are uploaded, edited, and at various other times have been redesigned. The next time you upload a tour, look for the link to "Announce This New Listing with an eCard" so you can let your sellers (and other people) know about the tour.

To download a PDF file that explains how to access and use these new features, click here.

If you need any assistance with these new features, contact your local VisualTour office administrator (if you have one) or the VisualTour support staff toll free at 800-873-0700. VisualTour support is open from 8AM to 8PM Eastern on weekdays and 9AM to 6PM Eastern on Saturdays.
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