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Old 10-24-2001, 08:51 AM
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Default Make a CD that Uses the Web Viewer

If you prefer the look of the online tour and want to place it on a CD that starts automatically, you used to have to go through a lot of fuss. Not anymore! The online tours have been updated to make the process very easy.
  1. Upload the tour, and view it online.

  2. Click “Share Tour” then "Offline Tour" on the right.

  3. Click the Download Now button (or right click the filename and choose to save the file).

  4. When saving it, name it TOUR.EXE and REMEMBER where you saved it.

  5. Now open Windows Notepad (START-Programs-Accessories-Notepad) and type in the following two lines of text.


  6. Save this two line file with a name of AUTORUN.INF.

  7. Burn the tour file and the AUTORUN.INF file to the CD.
The magic is complete. You now have a tour that looks and behaves like the one online.

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