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Old 10-24-2001, 09:21 AM
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Default Turning On Autoplay for Previews by Editing the TOUR_TEMPLATE.HTM File.

Version 4.0 of the VisualTour software introduced a preview feature that allows users to see how a tour will appear on the web even before it is uploaded. On the web, you might have activated the Autoplay feature to automatically advance from slide to slide whenever someone views one of your tours. Although the preview feature's Autoplay button is fully functional, by default the preview will not autoplay.  If you wish, however, you can enable it for your tour previews by making a single change in the tour_template.htm file.  Just follow these steps.
  1. Using Windows Notepad or some other text editor, open the TOUR_TEMPLATE.HTM file, which is in the Preview subdirectory of your VisualTour directory (usually c:\program files\vtour\preview) on your hard drive.  Do not use FrontPage to edit this file, although several other web authoring programs like Dreamweaver and Homesite seem to be fine.

  2. At the top of the file, you will see the following lines.
    <script Language="Javascript">
    var tourRelativePath = '<%=TourRelativePath%>';
    var curSlideIndex = 0;
    var autoPlayMode = false;

  3. Change the 4th line to = true as shown here.
    <Script Language="Javascript">
    var tourRelativePath = '<%=TourRelativePath%>';
    var curSlideIndex = 0;
    var autoPlayMode = true;

  4. Save the revised file, and close it.

You can now enjoy the Autoplay feature on your tour previews and get a better feeling for the slide timing.

If you do not like the timing of your slides, click here to read our memo on adjusting slide timing both before and after uploading the tour.
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