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Old 01-04-2013, 03:52 PM
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Default Withou MLS number

I wonder if I can get leads from my VT's. 1) Can I make a VT with a listing that I don't owe but says in the MLS, advertisment is Ok and put the link to diferrent sites including my personal web? The template for the VT doesn't work if you don't enter an Mls number? An other question:2) What about if I want to make a movie with pictures of my community and post it in my web and in you tube?
Thank you
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Old 01-04-2013, 04:31 PM
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Default Re: Withou MLS number

Yes, agents who are representing buyers often create tours of listings that are not their own but that they are showing to those buyers. The staff at VisualTour even recommends that agents create some tours when showing a buyer several listings in a single day. It helps the buyers remember each property. The new (and free) VisualTour mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android are really handy for this task since you can make tours as you walk through properties. As far as filling in the MLS number, leave it out. You only need the MLS number filled in when you are asking the VisualTour website to send the tour to Yahoo, Zillow,, and other sites. Since these are not your listings, you won't be having them sent out in your name and can just uncheck the distribution boxes during the upload and leave the MLS number field blank.

Of course, you want to use good sense and avoid photographing things that the sellers or listing agent would not want seen, and be careful not to overstep any boundaries by advertising the listing as yours.

As far as neighborhood videos, you are not only welcome to do that, but you are encouraged to do it. Using a VisualTour to promote a neighborhood lets people know that you are an expert in that area so they know to contact you when they are ready to move there. If you can include a photo or two of a local parade or event, you might even convince the local chamber of commerce to use the tour or video on their website. That means more people seeing YOU as the local expert.

Both of your ideas are very resourceful ways to use VisualTour beyond just making tours of your own listings. For other ideas, take a look at this page:
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