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Old 06-20-2013, 06:38 PM
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Default stitching

I believe that our adminstration who downloaded the VT software on my pc, didn't complete it properly. I am able to upload separate photos, but cannot stitch them or do any kind of editing. How can I find out if it was loaded properly?
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Old 06-21-2013, 09:18 AM
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Default Re: stitching

You are saying you cannot do any stitching nor editing, but you are not saying whether that is because you get an error or perhaps because the feature cannot be found or maybe even because you are using one of the tour creation methods that does not have a stitching option. Let me cover a few possibilities for you (and anyone who reads this post in the future).

I will start by mentioning that the VisualTour Marketing System includes three different ways to create new tours. Only some of them involve creation of panoramics or include image editing. I'll give you a basic summary of them.

The Online Tour Builder
If you log into your account at and click CREATE TOUR to make your tours, you are using the online Tour Builder feature. This feature is designed for simplicity and portability since it can be run from anywhere you have a computer connected to the Internet, but it does not include a stitching component. I see that the tour you created on June 18th (title of Leschi) was created using the online Tour Builder. Toward the upper right of the Tour Builder screen is a link to a chart showing you which features it leaves out, although some are still possible in other parts of your VisualTour account even if you do not use the VisualTour Studio software. Also at the top (on the left) is a link to the VisualTour Studio software in case you want to download it and install it.

The VisualTour Studio Software
Our Windows based software includes a stitching component and some basic image editing tools (brightness, contrast, sharpness, cropping). You mentioned that someone in your office downloaded the software to your PC and you wonder if part of it is missing. If you are using the software and it actually starts up, then a piece would not be missing since major missing pieces would generate an error message. If you are using the software and the stitcher comes up but has no buttons to complete the task, then you can easily fix that situation. Based on screen resolution and the location of the Windows task bar, some people discover that the buttons are hidden. Those people can run a file we created to resize the stitching component to fit better on the screen. Just close the VisualTour Studio software, and run the file located HERE.

The VisualTour Mobile Apps
We have free apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android that allow you to create new tours and manage all your existing tours online. From your question, I do not think you are using our apps, but in the interest of a complete reply, I thought it would be appropriate to mention them as an option. The apps do not include stitching nor image editing, but the iPhone and iPad have a built in ability to create panoramic images (ios 6 or higher). The apps are generally the popular favorite for agents who want to photograph properties while showing them (or at listing appointments) and then have a tour ready a moment later.

If nothing I have said relates to your situation, feel free to call us between 8AM and 8PM Eastern time today (any weekday) or 9AM to 6PM Eastern on Saturdays at 800-873-0700 option 1, or just reply to this message with more details so we can help.
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