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Old 03-03-2002, 10:39 AM
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Default How can I show my tours from my MLS without my branding information?

Many MLSs require that you remove all branding information such as your contact information, picture, logo, etc. from your tour if you link it to the MLS's listing information where it can be viewed by other agents and their customers.

VisualTour has a special "chameleon" feature that allows your tours to look differently depending on where it's being viewed from. Here's all you have to do to activate this feature.

When you enter your tour URL into the MLS, simply enter "sk=13&" without the quotes before the "t=" portion of the link. For example, your normal tour URL for tour #3649 would be:

To show this exact same tour without branding, you'd simply enter:

This will cause a completely generic tour without any branding information to appear.
Steve Jarrell

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