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Old 01-20-2009, 04:22 PM
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Default Linking a VisualTour to

Stating a discriminatory preference in a housing post is illegal, is prohibited on craigslist, and can be expensive:
*You can be fined more than $10,000 for each discriminatory ad, plus damages in court, plus loss of license if you are a professional.
*Avoid phrases which could be interpreted as discriminating by race/color/origin (e.g. 'hispanic area'), religion (e.g. 'christian home'), age / familial status (e.g. 'no kids'), disability, or sexual orientation.
*The words you choose can cost you - get the facts and avoid being prosecuted under fair housing law.

Posting to Craigslist has been made easier!
Click here for a video tutorial of how to create a Craigs list ad using the VisualTour link builder.
Click Here for Craigslist and Link Builder Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Log into your VisualTour account. Not a VisualTour subscriber? Click here to sign up.

2. Under Edit Tours, click on My Tours.
Note:The VisualTour link builder will create your Craigslist ad using information from your and pages. Please verify these pages are correct before you proceed to step number 3.

3. Click on to the left of the tour you want to post to Craigslist.

4. What type of link do you want? Choose this tour and click Next. Where would you like to place the link? Choose Craigslist and click Next.

5. Click "Click for live preview" to preview your Craigslist ad. Click the Copy button under "Copy and paste the code below!" to copy the code needed for your Craigslist ad.

6. Post on: Craigslist

7a. Log Into your account on Craigslist and click the GO button to the left of "Post a new ad in:"

7.b If you do not have an account, Click Here to create your ad..

8. Next, choose the City/Area where you would like to post your ad.

9. Under What type of posting is this:, click Housing offered.

10 Choose a category that best fits they type of listing you are posting.

11. Choose the area from the list that is closest to your listing.

12. On this page, fill in the property information for your listing. In the space provided under Posting Description:, right click and choose Paste.

13. When finished, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

14. Review your post. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.

15. Verify your post by typing in the displayed security code and click Continue.

Questions regarding these procedures should be directed toward either the support department at VisualTour (800-873-0700 or or Craigs List (Online Help or Contact Online) depending on the nature of the inquiry. As a general statement, questions about what link to use or how to modify it should be directed to VisualTour, while questions about how to actually perform the linking or delays in seeing the ad appear should be directed to Craigs List.

VisualTour support hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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