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Old 09-28-2005, 11:39 AM
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Default What To Do When You Cannot View A Tour

From time to time, usually as a result of a problem with a pop up blocker, someone will have trouble viewing a tour. Although those problems are rare, it is important to know how to get past them when they do arise. This memo is designed for just that reason. Just choose the most appropriate answer to the following question.

What happens when you try to view the tour?

I click the tour link (or button), but nothing happens.

If nothing happens when you click a tour link, you probably have a pop up blocker that is mistaking the tour for a pop up advertisement. Many pop up blockers allow you to temporarily bypass the blocking by pressing the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking the link. If using CTRL does not allow the tour to come up, try the following test to see if the problem is related to a pop up blocker. Click each of the following links. If the first one fails, but the second one works, then the problem is pop up related.

LINK 1 - This link can be blocked by pop up blockers:

LINK 2 - This link is not blocked by pop up blockers:

If you are shopping for a home and your real estate agent has used a link that is being blocked, you can type a non pop up link directly into your browser.
Just type but replace XXXXXX with the tour number, which you can get by looking in the lower left corner of the browser when you pass your mouse over the existing link. If you are a real estate agent, just change your link from saying show.asp to say shownp.asp so buyers will not encounter any potential trouble. If you use a link that contains the words then you need to make more drastic changes to your link. Call VisualTour support for help.

I click the tour link (or button), and something flashes but then nothing happens.
The thing that flashed was probably your pop up blocker alerting you that it blocked the tour.  See "I click the tour link (or button), but nothing happens" above.

All I get is a white window with nothing in it.
This is another symptom of an overly protective pop up blocker.  See "I click the tour link (or button), but nothing happens" above.

The tour window comes up, but I cannot advance through the scenes.
Most of the time, this situation occurs when the tour contains only one scene. If the current scene is being displayed in the large cinema viewer (no agent photo on the screen while viewing the scenes of the property), click the gallery option toward the lower right to see how many scenes actually exist in the tour. If the tour is showing up on a viewer that displays the agent's photo on the right, look under the current scene for an option to display the gallery. If you see more than one photo in the gallery, try loading the tour again. If that fails, contact the real estate agent (or if you ARE the real estate agent, contact VisualTour support) for assistance.

The tour window comes up with no scenes.
Refer to the question above about not being able to advance through the scenes and check the gallery to see if there are any. If the gallery comes up, follow the instructions above. If the gallery cannot be accessed, then it is likely that the tour is not being loaded completely. Usually, this is caused by a missing file, so the real estate agent should contact VisualTour support for assistance in repairing the tour or the main account files.

None of the above
If all else fails, call VisualTour support at 800-873-0700.

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