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Old 09-24-2001, 09:04 AM
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Default Error 482: Unable to Cancel Print Job

When printing from the VisualTour software to a network printer, it is possible that you might get an error on your screen. That error will say either "Printer Error: Unable to Cancel Print Job" or "Printer Error 482." It is an error caused by lack of communication with the printer, and with a little knowledge of the printer mapping, it is easily remedied. In nearly every case, one of the following two situations exists.

The path to the printer has a space in it; OR
The path to the printer is 19 characters or greater.

If either of those two conditions exists, then the VisualTour software will sporadically fail to print. While it is possible that the software will print successfully under these conditions, the only sure fire way to get rid of the error permanently is to change the mapping of the printer in such a way that it does not have spaces or exceed 19 characters. Here is a way to test to make sure the problem is in communications. As a side effect, the problem sometimes goes away (temporarily) after running this test, but the only long term solution is to make sure the printer path meets the required specifications.

  1. Click START - Settings - Printers.

  2. Right click the Printer, and choose Properties.

  3. Click the Details tab (Windows 95/98) or the Ports tab (Windows 2000/XP).

  4. Change the printer port to FILE. Windows is now set to pass the print information to a file instead of sending it to the printer.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Print from VisualTour again. You will be asked for a filename and location. Choose a location and name for the file. Windows will save the file.

  7. Feel free to check the file and see how large it is, but ultimately, you will probably delete it (although in some cases, you could drag it onto the printer icon to send it the rest of the way).

At this point, you have established that both the VisualTour software and your printer driver are fine. The problem is, in fact, the communication (even though several other programs will undoubtedly print successfully). The long term solution is to change the printer path, but many people find that if they re-create the original port (don't re-select it, re-create it from scratch) then the error goes away for a while.
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