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Old 09-25-2001, 11:40 AM
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Default How do I delete an online tour?

Deleting a tour from your inventory on the web is a simple process, but it is permanent so make sure you really want to delete it before taking this irreversible action.   Tours deleted within 72 hours of their being uploaded will automatically and immediately credit the account holder with the restoration of the tour token, so feel free to upload tours on a temporary basis to attract prospective sellers with this marketing tool, then delete the tour within 72 using the following steps so you do no lose your token.

  1. Log into your account at, and click the "My Tours" link.

  2. Click the DELETE button next to the tour you wish to delete.

  3. Since this action will permanently remove the tour and there is no way to get it back, a warning message pops up asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the tour.   Click OK to delete the tour.

  4. The list of tours will be refreshed and that tour will be gone.  If the tour has was uploaded fewer than 72 hours ago, the top of the screen will show one more token remaining than it did previously.

Note that when you delete the tour, it is immediately removed from your inventory list, and no one will be able to see it any more.  If, however, someone is in the middle of viewing the tour when you delete it, the system will retain the images and text long enough to allow them to finish viewing it (even though it will not allow other people to begin viewing the tour).
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