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Old 09-27-2001, 01:55 PM
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Default Unexpected Error-Active X Component Can't Create Object

If an "Unexpected Error - Active X Component Can't Create Object" is shown when the VisualTour software is launched, it is an indicator that the license file settings did not get properly entered into the Windows Registry during installation.

What can be done to fix it?  Technically, you could reboot your computer and try installing again (as a new install, never as an update, and do not uninstall first), but to save time, we have created a little utility that registers the license information in the Windows Registry without the need to reinstall.

It is a small file that downloads in less than 1 minute, and it takes only a few seconds to install.  CLICK HERE to get that utility. If you are reading this memo from the same computer that uses the VisualTour software, you can choose to run this utility directly from the web.  If you need to fix another computer, then save this utility to a floppy disk or somewhere that you can find it, then double click the ACTIVEX.EXE file you saved when you are ready to run the utility.
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