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Old 01-25-2012, 01:41 PM
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Default Create a Graphical VisualTour inventory button for your signature - Outlook Express

Create the HTML code using the Link Builder on

1. Log into your online VisualTour account.

2. Click on My Tours.

3. Click on the Links button to the left of any tour.

4. On page 1 of the Link Builder select the option "My Inventory" and click on the next button.

5. On page 2 of the Link Builder select the option "As an email signature" and click on the next button.

6. On page 3 of the Link Builder select the inverntory filter you want to use and click on the next button.

7. On page 4 of the Link Builder choose one of the three Graphical inventory buttons and click on the next button.
Please note: The VisualTour Inventory Widget will not work as an e-mail signature for Outlook Express.

8. On page 6 of the link builder your finished HTML code appears under "Copy and paste the code below!".

9. Click on the Copy button. This will bring up a message saying "Contents copied to Clipboard ready to paste". Click on the Ok button.

10. Close or minimize and return to your desktop.

11. Right click on your desktop, choose New then Text Document. Double click on the new notepad icon (Usually named "New Text Document").

12. Create your signature and paste the source code where you would like the inventory button to appear (Please see below example). To paste your source code, click the Edit drop down menu on the top menu bar of Notepad and choose Paste.

Example: (You may add or remove lines of this example to meet your needs. You must use <br> at the end of each line to insert a "line break" or your signature will all be on one line.)

Agent Name<br>
Company Name<br>
Insert Text Here<br>
Insert Text Here<br>
Phone Number<br>
E-Mail Address<br>

13. Click on File (Upper left) and choose Save As. Find the File Name field (Bottom center). Give this file the name InventorySignature.HTM and save to (My) Documents. Click on File (Upper left) and choose Exit.

Adding the signature to Outlook Express.

1. Open Outlook Express

2. Click on the Tools drop down menu. Click on Options. Click on the Signature tab (Upper Right).

3. Optional: Check the box "Add Signatures to outgoing Messages" at the top of this window. Otherwise, you will need to add your signature manually when creating a new email.

4. Click the New Button. Under Edit Signature, click the o next to File. Click the Browse button and navigate to (My) Documents.

5. Change the file type (bottom right corner) from Text Documents (*.txt) to HTML Files (*.htm, *.html). Highlight the InventorySignature.HTM file and click Open. Click the Ok button.

Your Signature file is now complete!

Questions regarding these procedures should be directed toward the VisualTour support department at 800-873-0700 or

VisualTour support hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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