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Old 05-10-2002, 01:12 PM
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Default My Online Tour Says "No Photos"

Normally, the My Tours screen of your account will show you a small thumbnail image of the first photo for each tour alongside other tour information. If that thumbnail displays a text message saying NO PHOTOS, then there are two possibilities.

The Tour Was Just Uploaded
If the tour was just uploaded in the last 60 seconds, click the REFRESH or RELOAD button or your web browser so it will display the most recent information.

The Tour Upload Was Not Completed
If the NO PHOTOS message appears on a tour that was not just uploaded in the previous minute, then it will be necessary to complete the upload. Follow one of the following procedures.
  1. Start the VisualTour software, and select the Tour Guide option to upload your tour.

  2. Complete steps one through three of the Tour Guide to begin the upload process, but when you reach step four, Upload VisualTour to, click the Cancel button.

  3. Log into your account on the website, and click My Tours.

  4. Click the PHOTOS button next to the "No Photos" tour.

  5. Click Add Photo(s) in the upper right.

  6. If asked about the Applet File Upload, click YES.

  7. You should see three options.  If you do, choose the second option (Re-upload tour - OVERWRITE), and click Next.  If you do not see three options, call us toll free at 800-873-0700 so we can assist you.

  8. Look closely at the bottom of this next screen. If it says "Click here for the basic upload method" then DO NOT click there. Instead, click "Next" in the upper right. If the bottom of the screen says "Click here for the advanced upload method," then DO NOT click there. Instead, click the BROWSE button and locate the TourMediaFile.vt in on the C drive in c:\my documents, then click "Next" in the upper right.

  9. It might ask you one more time if you want to upload. If it does, click Yes. Either way, wait while the file uploads. Until you see a screen saying the upload is finished, it has not uploaded. Once you see the message saying it is done, click FINISH. At that point, your tour will have its photos (although it might take up to 60 seconds for them to show up, so if you still see no photos, click the REFRESH or RELOAD button of your web browser).

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