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Old 02-18-2003, 06:11 PM
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Default Stitching Question

I'm a new user and haven't been able to easily find the answer to this (sorry if it's obvious!):

Can I use the stitching software to make a panoramic picture to put into a property brochure? Or do I choose the appropriate already-stitched photo from my tour I've already created? (And if so, does the stitched photo download just like any other photo?)

Thanks for any help!

Darcy Vail Dreher
Cherry Creek Realty
Serving the Denver Metro Area
Office: (303) 797-1901
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Old 02-19-2003, 10:24 AM
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Default You can do it either way

If you want to use a photo from the tour in a brochure, just open the tour in the VisualTour software, right click the photo, and choose Export to Another Application. You'll be given the opportunity to save the photo with whatever name you want and in whatever location you want. You'll probably want to save it as a JPG file, but there are other choices on that screen if you prefer some alternate format like TIF.

If you want to stitch a series of photos, but you do not have the photos in the VisualTour software, there is nothing stopping you from opening the PhotoVista stitching software independently of VisualTour. You won't have an icon for it, so you'll have to create one or use Start-Run and browse to c:\program files\mgi\photovista\pvista.exe. Once PhotoVista is open, use the button in the lower left to import the pieces of the panoramic. Once it is stitched, do not use the SAVE TO TOUR feature since there is no tour. Instead, just save it from the SAVE AS feature in the FILE menu.

Lastly, you asked if a stitched photo downloads like any other photo. The answer is yes.

On a side note, you posted your question under "Tips and Tricks," when it is really a question better suited for "I Need Help." We'll leave it here for a few days so we know you'll find the reply, but then we will move it to the appropriate category. You will get quicker replies of you post your question in "I Need Help" in the future.
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