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Old 06-06-2003, 12:52 PM
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When trying to start the VisualTour software, you might see an error saying:

Unable to Create Lock File: c:\program files\vtour\trflic.lck 

This error indicates one of the following two conditions:
  1. The software could not read the file called TRFLIC.LCK; or

  2. The file is in use so the software could not write to it.
Try deleting the file, which you will find in c:\program files\vtour (or wherever the software is installed).

If Windows refuses to allow you to delete it, then it is either in use (so restart the computer or the server if the software is running from a network server) OR you have a rights issue, in which case someone needs to give you full rights to the \vtour directory.

If Windows allows you to delete the file, try to start the software again. If the software still won't start, you have a rights issue, in which case someone needs to give you full rights to the \vtour directory.

If the file is missing (and no one recently deleted it), then click START-RUN and type VTOUR.INI to open a file where certain settings are stored. Look at the line called AppLicensePath to see where the TRFLIC.LCK file will be or get that line pointed back to the \vtour directory.

Information for network administrators: Several places in this memo refer to rights issues. In order to install and run the software, the user should be logged into the computer as an administrator. If that is not possible, make sure the person at least has full rights to the following areas:

  1. The VTOUR directory and all of its subdirectories

  2. Whatever paths are shown in the VTOUR.INI file

  3. The TRNFILE path shown in the BTI.INI file
You'll find those two INI files in the c:\windows directory, so make sure you provide rights to that directory as well so those files can be updated by the software.
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