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Old 01-15-2004, 03:36 PM
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Default What is a Tour Token?

Although tokens are seldom used today, you might have seen them mentioned somewhere and wonder what they are.

When VisualTour first made its move from the old days of only placing tours on floppies and static web pages to the more modern method of creating multimedia presentations on the Internet, the concept of tour tokens was developed. When an agent would purchase the software, he or she would usually purchase it as part of a startup package that included some amount of tour tokens (usually 10). Each tour token represented the ability to place one tour on the Internet.

Tokens were sold individually for $25 or in groups of larger quantities at slightly discounted rates, so agents could continue to upload tours even once they used up the initial tokens from their startup package. The token system remains in use today by a few agents who elected not to switch to the newer pricing structure, as well as some large brokers and photographers who wish to start businesses providing tours to local real estate agents.
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