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Old 09-16-2004, 11:59 AM
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Question Continuous play a tour

I'd like to use my tours at Open Houses and have them continuously play on my laptop with out my having to re-start them. Is this possible and how do I do it?
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Old 09-16-2004, 01:24 PM
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Default Continuous Looping Can Be Done

This question would be better posed in our I Need Help section of our forum rather than this Tips and Tricks section, so we will probably move it later. For now, let me answer your question in this area since this is where you will be looking for the reply.

There are three ways to display your tour during an open house. I do not know which method you are using, but all three can continuously loop.

Using the SLIDES button in the VisualTour software:
If you are using the SLIDES button in the VisualTour software to display a full screen tour, you can set it up to look continuously by first clicking the large OPTIONS button at the top of the screen. On the Slide Show tab, there is a "Continuous Loop" check box on the right. Check the box, then click the SLIDES button to begin your tour. It will keep looping.

Using the free viewer software:
If you are using the free viewer to play a tour that you saved onto your hard drive, floppy disk, or CD, then start the tour and click the small options button at the top. It is not labeled "options" so you'll need to look for the three colored arrows. That is the button you need, and one of the options it provides is a continuous loop.

Using a copy of an online tour:
If you are using a downloaded copy of your online tour, just click the Autoplay button to start the tour, and it will automatically keep looping.

If there is anything that needs further explanation, the support staff at VisualTour can be reached toll free at 800-873-0700. If you prefer, you can email them at support@VisualTour or use this forum to post questions.
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