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Old 07-29-2006, 01:33 PM
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Default tour on deleted

I am new the visualtour and uploaded a test tour for one of my listings. It went to When I completed the "real" one, I had to delete the original. Now I can't get to accept the new tour. It says I already have one, but the link from says it's gone. HELP!!!
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Old 07-31-2006, 09:04 AM
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Default Re: tour on deleted will not allow you to add two tours to the same listing now overwrite one link with another, so use the following instructions to edit or replace the existing tour rather than creating a new tour. Even more important, never ask to remove a tour for you. If you do, there is nothing we can do to get a new tour in its place. At that point, ONLY can fix it for you.

In your case, you deleted the tour. If you did not yet ask to do anything, you can still get out of this mess. Call VisualTour support at 800-873-0700 and give them the old tour number, the new tour number, and the MLS number. With those three items, they can log into and edit the link that is there.

Here is the better way to handle it in the future so you have no delays. (as well as any other site, really) has a link that points to a particular tour, so change that tour to be the right property rather than deleting that tour. It is very easy to overwrite that tour with a new version of itself so it appears exactly as you want on and everywhere else. Here is how.
  1. Start out in the software with the correct (or revised) tour open.

  2. Click Send to VisualTour as though you are uploading a new tour. When you get to the login screen, log in as normal.

  3. When you get to the Tour Information screen, do NOT add any tour info (title, MLS number, price, address, etc.). After all, this is not a new tour. Instead, click My Tours in the upper left.

  4. Click the PHOTOS button next to the tour you are replacing.

  5. Click Add Photo(s) in the upper right.

  6. Choose the REUPLOAD-OVERWRITE option, and click Next.

  7. Continue as normal. The current photos (and voice, if any) will be replaced with the ones you wanted.
    Note that this process completely replaces the online tour so all the photos, captions, voice, and hot spots will be removed and replaced with the revised version of the tour that was in the software. If you only want to add a photo here and there, use the "individual photo" option in step 6.
Since the links on and other sites all point to the tour number, they will immediately show the new tour.

As a general rule, when in doubt, never delete anything without asking VisualTour support first since deleting a tour is irreversible. You can always delete things later.

Here is another note that is unrelated to this particular issue but of importance when linking to, so I'm adding it to this post. currently allows agents to link tours for free if the listing is marked as a showcase enhanced listing. If you are taken to a checkout screen for a $19.95 payment but you think your listing is supposed to be a free link, DO NOT CONTINUE. Once you pay, you cannot get your money back. Instead, call and ask them why your listing is not showing up as a showcase enhanced listing. Perhaps you have more than one MLS and only one of the two MLS numbers is properly marked. Perhaps you just signed up with as a showcase enhanced listing account holder and they have not yet implemented it. One way or another, get the listing marked properly, then return to your VisualTour account and link that tour.

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