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Old 10-12-2006, 02:36 PM
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Default Increased Speed Settings Now Online

We just increased range of panoramic scrolling speeds. Until now, you could set your panoramic images to scroll at a speed ranging from 1 (very slow) to 10 (somewhat fast). We received some requests for even faster speeds, so we have changed the range to extend from 1 through 20 instead of 1 through 10.

Speeds 1 through 10 remain unchanged, so panoramic scenes will scroll exactly as they have in the past. The new speeds 11 through 20 increase the scrolling speed even more.

Note that the VisualTour Studio Client software is still set for a range of 1 through 10, so any changes to increase the speed to the newer range should be done after uploading a tour. To make the change online, follow these steps.
  1. Log into your account at

  2. From the My Account screen (if you are on Easy Tour Manager, click the "click here for advanced options" link to get to My Account), click My Tours.

  3. Click the PHOTOS button next to your tour,

  4. Click EDIT beside the thumbnail image of the scene you want to speed up.

  5. Use the PAN SPEED drop down list to select a new scrolling speed for the panoramic scene. The button to the right can be used to copy that speed to all panoramic scenes in the tour if desired.

  6. Click PREVIOUS or NEXT at the top of the screen to save the changes and move to the previous or next scene.

  7. Click My Tours toward the upper left when you are done so you can review the changes and make sure you did not choose too fast of a speed.
This change was based on a large number of requests from our clients. If you have a request, be sure to email it to
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