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Old 01-17-2007, 11:50 AM
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Post LOADING TOUR... Message Repeats Instead of Actually Loading the Tour

If you pull up a tour and the window keeps saying "loading tour" repeatedly, there are two possibilities.

1. You may have checked in "Branded Only" or "Flyer Only" on the photos page when the tour was being uploaded.

a. Log into Visual Tour and go to the "My Tours" page.
b. Click on the Photos button next to the correct tour.
c. Uncheck all the check marks under "Branded only" and "Flyer only," unless they were meant to be for a branded tour only or the flyer only

2. Your might have incorrectly uploaded your tour to the web and there are no photos.

a. Open up the tour in the VisualTour Studio software.
b. Click "Send to VisualTour" at the top left.
c. The VisualTour website will come up where you will have to enter your username and password and click continue.
d. After you log in, it will take you to the tour information page that you originally filled out when the tour was uploaded. You do not have to fill that page out. Click on "My Tours" at the top.
e. To the left of the tour that you are having a problem with, click "Photos" and then click on "Add Photos" at the top right.
f. Choose the second option that says "Re-upload tour - OVERWRITE" and click next.
g. You will then click "next" again on the screen that says THE TOUR THAT YOU UPLOAD WILL OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING TOUR!
h. When the little upload box comes up, you will click on "upload."
I. After the upload box goes away it will say "Success." Click on "Finish."

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