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Old 02-22-2007, 02:54 PM
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Default Windows Vista Information

Here is the latest news on using VisualTour Studio with Windows Vista. We will update this area if anything changes, but the note below about version 6 will very likely be the last of the notes about specific versions. In the future, we will only note when something changes (if anything changes -- at this point, it works, so we would expect it to work in the future).

Will VisualTour Studio 6.0 run with Windows Vista?
Yes. The only issue we ran into was that 64 bit versions of Windows Vista were unable to start the early release of version 6. A change was made, and all releases of version 6 are fine under Windows Vista.

Will VisualTour Studio 5.2 run with Windows Vista?
Yes, the new Windows security measures were a small (but easy to circumvent) obstacle at times with version 5.0 and 5.1, but 5.2 has eliminated errors. Version 5.3 also runs without any issues. See additional questions on this page for more information.

5.2 Issues:
The trash bin in my tours does not seem to contain the photos I threw away nor the individual images prior to stitching.
Fear not, the photos are there. From the Edit menu, choose REFRESH (or just press F5 on your keyboard) and the photos will stop hiding from you. Better yet, click HELP then Check for Updates to download the 5.3 update, where we eliminated this issue.

5.1 Issues:
When I start VisualTour Studio, Windows warns me that the program might not run properly and suggests that I might have to restart it as an administrator.
Windows does sometimes warn you (even if you are an administrator), but go ahead and tell it to run as an administrator if it asks. If it does not ask and you run into trouble, you can always right click the icon and choose Properties, where you will see an Advanced button that will let you check a box to run as an administrator.

At various times, I see a message saying "An unidentified program wants access to your computer."
This message is Windows Vista's way of warning you that the VisualTour software is trying to access the Internet to check for updates or register. You can click the option to allow VisualTour Studio to run properly.

When I try to preview a tour, I get an error saying "We're sorry but an unexpected error has occurred. Cannot Send Tour To Web: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\VTStudio\PreviewWebTour\VTViewer.exe' is denied."
By default, Windows does not allow full rights to the VTStudio folder when it is installed. Fortunately, it is easy for you to change the security rights.
  1. Click START then COMPUTER.

  2. Open the C drive then the Program Files folder.

  3. Right click the VTStudio folder and choose Properties.

  4. Click the Security tab.

  5. Click the USERS category.

  6. Click the EDIT button.

  7. check the box for Full Control.

  8. Click OK then OK again.
I am having some trouble uploading tours.
Windows Vista comes with Internet Explorer version 7, which has higher security measures that could be blocking Java from running. Your best bet is to click toward the bottom the screen where it says "If you have problems uploading, click here for the basic upload method." In that way, you can browse for the TourMediaFile.vt in the TEMP folder on C drive instead of having the Java applet try to take it, which Windows considers suspicious. If you prefer, you can go to the TOOLS menu and choose Manage Add-ons. Choose Enable or Disable Add-ons then enable Java (might say Sun Java).

Some other parts of this forum refer to locating my tour photos in the Documents and Settings folder under My VisualTours. I do not have a Documents and Settings folder.
Windows Vista uses some different names than previous versions of Windows.
Documents and Settings is now called Users
My Documents is now called Documents
My Computer is now called Computer.

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