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Old 09-09-2001, 03:09 PM
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Default 8-29-2001 New Tour Status Feature

Email sent to customers on 8/29/2001:

A couple of weeks ago we released a new major feature that allows you to track your tour views and print or email reports to your buyers that show them the effectiveness of your virtual tours. You can even allow them to have real time access to their tour view report.

After finishing this exciting new feature, our programming staff was so proud of themselves. As a reward, they were allowed a full 15 minute break to get a cup of coffee and go to the restroom, then we threw them back in the programming dungeon and told them not to come out until they have another major enhancement finished. We've kept the door locked and slid pizzas underneath it ever since.

Well, the door cracked open this morning, and lo and behold, they've done it again! You now have a REALLY neat new feature that allows you to mark your tours as "Pending" or "Sold". To use this new feature, go to "My Tours", click "Info" beside the tour, then select the status from the drop-down box on the right side of the screen (about 1/3 of the way down). Now, view the tour and you'll see a new "Pending" or "Sold" sign overlaid on each image.

Click the image to view an actual tour!

If you're not using hotspots as shown in the example above, you're missing a great opportunity to make your virtual tour much more interactive. They've very easy to create. Just log into your account, select "My Tours", select "Photos", then select "HotSpots". It's EASY!!! Also, if you don't have your picture or your company's logo shown on the right side of your tour, and a customer banner at the top you're missing a great opportunity to brand you and your company. Click here for information on the custom banners.

You'll also find that now when you display your dynamic inventory list, the words "Pending" or "Sold" will be shown automatically under each thumbnail.

Now, because our programmers have been forced to work in the dark cave for so long, they're color blind and not real good at choosing colors, so if you don't like the colors that they've selected for your pending or sold text in either the viewer or the inventory list, you can change it to anything you'd like. Simply select Inventory List Layout or Viewer Layout from your main "My Account" screen and select your own colors. The color pop-up chart has also been changed where you can now just click on the color to select it instead of having to type its value.

Also, if you change the status of a tour to pending or sold, it will automatically be excluded from the nightly upload to Yahoo!. This will help ensure that you only have "current" inventory showing in Yahoo! real estate ads as they're updated daily.

For our broker accounts, you'll notice that you have a new option under Add / Edit tours that will allow you to change the status of a group of tours to pending or sold by entering their MLS or tour numbers. You can also use this feature to delete a group of tours at once.

For those of you that are more "technically inclined" or that have webmasters that have linked your website to our dynamic inventory list, we've also added a few more command line parameters to the inventory.asp page that allows you to limit the tours sold by status, and to allow multiple levels of sorting. Follow the instructions below to utilize these new features.

Well, we're going to let the guys go home, take a shower and a nap, then they'll be back at it again. Never can tell what's coming next :-)

Best regards,

The VisualTour Team

Inventory.asp Command Line Parameters


* The inventory.asp page was modified to allow filtering and sorting based on the tour status. The following new parameter was added:

ss= 0=active,1=pending,2=sold>


inventory.asp?u=2001&ss=2 => Will display all tours that have "sold" status.

* The inventory.asp page was modified to allow multiple levels of sorting.

s= [a|d] 1=Price (Default), 2=Date, 3=Status, 4=PropertyType
s2= [a|d] 1=Price (Default), 2=Date, 3=Status, 4=PropertyType
s3= [a|d] 1=Price (Default), 2=Date, 3=Status, 4=PropertyType

Ascending, d=Descending (Default)

s=1d will sort by price descending
s=1d&s2=4a will sort by price descending THEN by propertytype ascending
s2=2a&s3=3d will sort by date ascending THEN by status descending

* Inventory_Search_Template.htm was modified to include form fields for the new options above.

* Inventory_Instructions.txt was updated to include the new options above.
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