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Old 08-17-2007, 01:27 PM
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Default Thanks VT

With some sadness and, I have to admit, a little anger I have to say goodbye to visual tour. The reason I'm writing is in hopes someone with some decision making powers will see this. I tried twice to talk with customer service (even asked to speak with a supervisor, but was denied) about a project I'm working on that would require me to upgrade to a photographer account-which I'm glad to do. I want to do some branding on the tours for some clients, and minimize the Visual Tour logo, and my own information. In return for this functionality, I was willing to spend a lot more money with you.
Here's the problem. Your user agreement for the photographer account requires me to do tours for 3 different brokers. The project I'm working on does not require me to take photos for other brokerages, nor am I interested in working for other real estate agents. I'm sure there's a good reason for this...but it just doesn't fit with what I'm trying to do.
I know I'm just one little agent...but VT had the opportunity to make more money from me, and turned it down because you weren't willing to make an exception to that user agreement.

I WANTED to stay and WANTED to give VT more money, but was told "sorry".

I've spent the last week looking at your competition, one of them is coming out with an upgrade next week that rivals your product, so that's who I'm going with.
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