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Old 10-08-2007, 04:26 PM
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Default Viewing Hotspot Pic Twice?

Okay, I'm going to try to make this question simple. Just for an example...

I've got 2 panned photos in my tour plus 1 still outside shot.
1. panned photo of Living Room.
2. panned photo of Master Suite.
3. still photo of outside.

I did a hotspot in the living room (window) that shows the still photo of outside.

When I play the tour, it starts out panning the living room. The hotspot is on the window to the outside. Then it goes to the panned master suite. BUT, then it goes to photo 3 which is the outside photo.

So, in other words, the still photo is being shown twice. Once in the hotspot in the panned living room and once at the 3rd scene.

How can I have it to where the still outside photo just shows in the hotspot and NOT at scene 3?

Hope I made sense to someone.

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Old 10-08-2007, 05:06 PM
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Default Re: Viewing Hotspot Pic Twice?

Your question makes sense.

The short answer is that you cannot set a photo to be a hot spot destination without having it appear somewhere in the normal sequence of photos. If certain scenes were only visible via hot spots, then it is possible that those scenes would be missed by some potential buyers.

The longer answer is that the idea of hot spots is that when buyers visit a property in person, they can walk around the house and look down any hallway or out of any window. You do not necessarily know which direction the people will go next. Hot spots are designed to allow you to create entries and exits on every door and window so buyers can travel around the home (the tour) freely and get a better idea of how the rooms flow together. The key is to use the hot spots liberally throughout the tour so buyers have a way to see every room without having to alternate between using hot spots and using the NEXT button.

Think of hot spots the same as you think of showing a home. Do you prefer to guide potential buyers through the home in a certain sequence to make sure you point out every feature that you think is important? If so, hot spots might not be for you. If you prefer to allow buyers to wander around a property freely, then use the hot spots (and still use voice narration and/or text descriptions, not just a short caption, to make sure you point out the features of each room). Yes, a buyer might see a single area more than once but it better represents the layout of the home.
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