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Old 09-11-2001, 07:57 AM
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Post Where is the TourMedia File when I upload a tour?

Hello. Something went wrong as I was uploading this tour. Everything was fine until the program asked for the location of the tour, and for me to paste in the location, but I never did see a message to copy a file location for this use. So, I have an empty tour. Well almost empty. I did 'add' one picture to it but would still like to add the whole thing as constructed and, I hope, saved on my hard drive.

Can you help me do this, and refund the token spent on white space?


The file that needs to be uploaded is located at c:\my documents\tourmediafile.vt. This filename is shown to you on Step 4 when you are using the tour guide to upload your tour. Also, when you reach the screen where you enter the filename, the instructions on the screen instruct you to put your cursor in the field (click once in the field to make sure you're in it), then press CTRL-V (hold down your CTRL key and press your V key once) and it will paste the file and directory name in for you automatically. Your entire tour is located on your local hard drive, so just re-upload it.

To return your token, simply delete the tour online within 72 hours of uploading it and your token will be returned automatically.

Best regards,

Matt Weinrich
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