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Unhappy OFFICE field gets wiped out

Every time I re-upload a tour the Office field gets wiped out. It does not print on my tour list. Please fix by storing the office field in the Studio and issuing an interim patch.

I don't know how this field is used, but it should not get wiped out.
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Old 11-13-2007, 07:52 AM
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Default Re: OFFICE field gets wiped out

The office field is used only when a company enrolls its agents in VisualTour. If that company has multiple physical locations and wishes to sort its agents by offices, there is an option in the company account to create those different offices. The agents and their tours can then be assigned into the offices. At any point, the company might elect to display a list of tours for only one office.

You have your own individual account, not a company account, so assigning the office is not normally necessary. You seem to have a reason for doing it, so we have rigged your account to assign your tours to your Melbourne office automatically from this point forward.

That does not exclude the possibility of changing the software to store that information (or more likely just setting up the web site not to remove the office setting when a tour is reuploaded), but it will take care of the immediate need and give us time to sort through your recent series of suggestions and those of other people.
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Talking Re: OFFICE field gets wiped out

Thanx. Very responsive.
I would like to segregate by office because we would like to link to Visual Tours from the company website. We have 8 offices and 150 Realtors. This will help to make the many tours more customer-friendly. They will know what office the tour was from. Management will know what offices are using all the features correctly and which ones need additional training.
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