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Old 06-18-2009, 09:47 AM
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Default What features are offered in the VisualTour Marketing system?

The VisualTour Marketing System is a complete, turn-key system that includes everything that a real estate professional needs to create, host, market and display your own web or CD based virtual tours. VisualTour is easy to learn and easy to use. You´ll find numerous ways to be more successful using VisualTour! Included with your subscription is UNLIMITED toll free telephone training and support.

Virtual Tour Software
Our easy-to-use software was designed specifically for agents to create real estate virtual tours. It makes creating and uploading your tours a very quick and simple task. VisualTour Studio software saves you time and effort and gives you numerous advantages over other tour products.

Personal Training Assistant
Annie is your personal training assistant for VisualTour. She literally talks you through all the steps of creating your VisualTours using tutorials that are just a few minutes long. Learn VisualTour at your own pace and schedule.

Unlimited Customer Support and Training
Do you need some assistance? Individual agent subscribers can reach our Customer Support Team for product training and support services.

Listing Presentation Materials
You can use our professionally designed CD Packet to convince home owners of your superior value and marketing skills! It’s a compelling advantage that no other virtual tour company offers!

Personal Branding – VisualTour is all about You!
VisualTour is all about personal marketing. Your VisualTours will include your photo, company logo, contact information. Choose from colors and styles that match your own tastes or company standards.

Web Based Viewer
Click the link above to view an actual VisualTour and explore our many innovative features that home buyers love!

Industry Leading Distribution Network
A virtual tour isn’t much good if no one sees it. Take full advantage of the most extensive automated distribution network of any virtual tour product. VisualTour gives you maximum exposure!

Dynamic Inventory
Whether you have dozens of listings or just a few, the VisualTour Dynamic Inventory gives your listing inventory top of mind exposure on your website and in your email.

Video Tours
Create stunning videos for distribution to popular websites like YouTube, burned on CD with the same new interface the multi-tour CD's use, or saved in standard WMV format for use in any way desired.

VisualTours on CDs
Burn CDs with your VisualTours on them to promote in your Open House, via direct mail or as a unique way to introduce yourself to new clients!

11 Great ways to use the VisualTour Marketing system.
Proven by more than 100,000 Realtors® since 1996, we have compiled a list of creative ways that you can use VisualTour to make more money, differentiate yourself from other Realtors and give you a competitive advantage in any market condition!

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